3 common errors leaders put energy

“I have seen leaders commit three common mistakes by investing in their leadership capital,” Filiolo said in his course, “Effective Leadership.” “These mistakes will affect their effectiveness and efficiency.”

These three errors are:

  1. Method of taking peanut butter

Peanut butter is made in such a way that the manager distributes the time equally to all employees, for example by spreading the peanut butter evenly over a piece of bread, said Figliuolo. “The leader does it because it’s right for everyone,” he said.

So what’s the problem with this method? Do you have to distribute what you should do on average?

No Some people do not pay much attention – rather than micro-management. Instead, others need more.

Instead, the best leaders decide how long it takes for each of their employees to prosper, and then invest their time accordingly.

2. Give time in the order they ask.

Imagine if you give money in the order that people ask, nobody will do it. However, many managers give their time in the order they are asked.

“This approach is problematic and does not prioritize the leader’s time,” says Figliuolo. “It also encourages team members to continue to occupy the leader’s time, rather than solving problems for themselves.”

Solution – The best leaders are not passive but wait for people to ask for time, but take the initiative to go where they are most needed.

3. Follow the path with the least resistance.

This is a particularly difficult problem to avoid because humans have to find the least resilient path. However, if you spend most of your time as a leader with someone you love or lead, and avoid hard-to-manage people, you are making a mistake.

“The problems with this approach include not solving the problem, but using the time and effort spent on low-yield work,” says Figliuolo. “Too much time with high achievers does not make a significant contribution to achieving high performance.”

Take away: your time is your most important resource

This is the real point of view: you need to think about how to invest your energy, just as you think about investing in a budget. Where should you double? What people or teams can you trust to do the job without wasting time?

The more you value your time, the more strategic your spending. This will bring better results to your entire team.

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